ClearSight Interactive - ClearProfile

ClearSight Interactive is a rapidly expanding start-up that provides a comprehensive range of behavioral targeting solutions for Advertisers and Publishers. The company was founded with a bold intention to revolutionize the online advertising industry by bridging the divide between online and offline universe of consumer data. Having partnered with largest database marketing companies, such as Experian and I-Behavior, ClearSight then needed to develop industry-leading tools that would drastically improve conversions and sales of its potential clients through connecting consumers' online behavior with their offline profile data in a way that has never been done before.

ClearProfile is one of the three products comprising ClearSight Behavioral Targeting Suite. The product would allow online retailers to identify the visitors to their website through intelligently matching their IP addresses to their profiles in 130mil-record database. That would enable Advertisers to improve the effectiveness of their banner advertising campaigns and reach more of the households they are seeking to engage with. Given SSD prior experience in cost-effective development of industry-leading behavioral analysis and business intelligence tools for AcquireWeb and DCASTechnologies companies, ClearSight partnered with SSD for the development of its ClearProfile product as part of ClearSight Behavioral Targeting Suite.

Having combined the services of A-level professionals with the best outsourcing practices, prior domain expertise, extensive experience in full software development lifecycle of complex systems, and latest project management methodologies, SSD delivered ClearProfile at the world's lowest Eastern European rates for sophisticated outsourcing. Once ClearSight Behavioral Targeting Suite was unveiled to the public in its Alpha stage at Internet Retailer Conference in Boston, it was named one of the most robust and sophisticated behavioral targeting services offered, and has instantly attracted an impressive roster of inaugural clients and development partners. ClearSight top customers include such companies as, Universal Pictures studio, LendingTree, Speedo USA, NewRetirement, American InterContinental University, and Colorado Technical University. ClearProfile features a proprietary data-matching system that runs against an industry-leading co-operative database of 130mil active permission-based individual profiles with 165mil CAN-SPAM-compliant e-mail addresses and industry's largest list of geo-coded sticky IP addresses. Using ClearProfile, some of the Advertisers were able to increase their click-through rate several-fold and to re-initiate with the casual visitors via e-mail turning them into potential buyers. By now, ClearSight has captured billions of consumer behaviors from both online and offline sources, positioning itself for rapid growth, high visibility, and fast success.

SSD fully leveraged its extensive pool of highly-qualified technology professionals, prior domain expertise, as well as operational knowledge of outsourcing industry best practices in order to build enterprise-level product, lower development costs, and achieve short time-to-market for its client.

  • Assigned a dedicated project manager who coordinated gathering the requirements, designing the technical architecture, development, and Quality Assurance stages of ClearProfile product along with those of the other products comprising ClearSight Behavioral Targeting Suite.
  • Involved the assistance of its experienced business analysts at the requirements gathering stage. Assisted ClearSight in preparing detailed product requirements and technical specifications, minimizing this way the number of future changes, and, therefore, slashing the total time-to-market for the product.
  • Applied best practices from IMB RUP (Rational Unified Process) project management methodology when creating project roadmap and schedule for ClearSight Behavioral Targeting Suite. Accounted for the possibility of on-the-fly requirements changes, and prepared the list of potential project threats and risks.
  • Assigned an engineering team with the right skill-set from its existing pool of IT professionals with 5-10 years of experience in business intelligence, e-commerce, and online advertising space.
  • Set up clear communication procedures that included daily voice communication with client-side stakeholders, including product managers, business analysts, and company founders.
  • Kept the client constantly informed about the emerging project threats and risks. Provided regular progress tracking, project status updates, and dependency assessments.
  • Established a centralized repository for change request management to make sure every client request, as well as every bug found by the Quality Assurance team, were taken care of in order of its priority with regard to the available time and resources.
  • Began systematic Quality Assurance tests early in the product development life-cycle to bring down the cost of issue resolution and to ensure the product is released on schedule.

Product Highlights
ClearProfile allows online retailers to identify the visitors to their website through intelligently matching them to their publicly available profiles. Through product's integration with over 130 million permission-based, CAN-SPAM compliant e-mail profiles, Advertisers can substantially improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and even re-initiate with these unregistered consumers through e-mail marketing communication. ClearProfile's distinguishing features are:

  • Proprietary database of 130 million opt-in consumer profiles with industry's largest list of geo-coded sticky IP addresses
  • Proven demographic, lifestyle, and transactional enhancement data collected from ClearSight data partners
  • Over 120 purchase propensities at zip+4 level defined by industry experts in analytics and modeling
  • Rich collection of behavioral data points that increases the accuracy of matching online visitors to their profiles
  • Possibility of initiating e-mail communication with an identified user in real-time, immediately upon a successful match
  • Possibility of identified consumer records aggregation for the purpose of delayed e-mail dissemination
  • Diverse selection of behavioral traits that can be applied by Advertisers to trigger the matching process, including:
    • Competitor site visit
    • Targeted search query activity
    • Engaged website visits based on page views
    • Engaged website visits based on time spent on website
    • Shopping cart abandonment
    • Lead form abandonment
  • Proprietary data collection and appending techniques
Technologies and Tools Used
- Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0/3.5, C#, ASP.NET 2.0, JavaScript; Microsoft Visual C++, MFC 7.0
- Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP3; Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services 2005
- Internet Information Server (IIS) 6.0; Microsoft ASP.NET solution for Web Farm; Windows NT Services
- .Net Facebook applications; HTTP traffic analytics; General ETL processes developing; Distributed & Multithreading data handling processes
- Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 SP1
- Borland StarTeam 2008; Microsoft Project 2007