AcquireWeb AcquireVision

AcquireWeb is the source for making quality customer connections online. Founded in 2001, AcquireWeb offers email acquisition and customer management services to enable global companies to leverage existing offline customer relationships, lower online acquisition costs, create new cross-sell opportunities and improve their return on marketing investments. The company decided to extend its core product used by Fortune 500 companies with major new features, and to repackage it into a new one called AcquireVision, marking this way the next step in its growth. After SSD successfully delivered its AcquireLocal product targeted at small and medium businesses, AcquireWeb contracted SSD for the second time to develop AcquireVision system that would combine an even greater accuracy of consumer targeting with the effectiveness of advanced frequency-based programs.

With SSD, AcquireWeb got a high-quality enterprise-oriented product at the lowest outsourcing price possible for products of a comparable level. The low development costs favorably positioned AcquireWeb among competitors, since it was able to offer fixed price regardless of the number of outgoing communications generated within a set program. AcquireVision product arms global marketers with a vast array of marketing tools, testing options, email campaign structures and analytics to maximize their ROI. The product had immediately proven success with companies like Ford, Mandalay Bay, Lowes, and Liberty Mutual. With SSD, AcquireWeb was able to incorporate best practices from permission marketing, brand management and direct marketing into an effective e-mail marketing system that substantially outperforms traditional e-mail campaigns in simultaneously building brands and driving sales.

Since AcquireVision product was SSD second large engagement with AcquireWeb, SSD followed the established collaborations processes with client's product management team in order to achieve maximum communication efficiency, development speed, and product quality.

  • Assigned the same team of highly-skilled business analysts who worked on AcquireLocal product, and, therefore, were well familiar with AcquireWeb business model, software architecture, and industry practices. That allowed SSD to substantially minimize the duration of project lifecycle inception and elaboration phases.
  • Assigned the same dedicated project manager whom both AcquireWeb product management team and SSD engineering team knew well, and with whom they could effectively collaborate right from the beginning.
  • Assigned the same dedicated engineering team who developed AcquireLocal product, and, thus, knew well the system architecture and code structure. That allowed SSD to achieve the maximum code reuse boosting this way development speed, code and data integrity, and product quality.
  • Created detailed project roadmap and schedule that took into account the possibility of requirements change during the development phase.
  • Followed the established communication processes that included daily voice communication with client-side product managers and business analysts, regular progress tracking, and status reporting.
  • Kept all stakeholders constantly informed about the emerging project threats and risks.
  • Established a centralized repository for change request management to make sure every client request, as well as every bug found by the Quality Assurance team, were taken care of in order of its priority with regard to the available time and resources.
  • Began systematic Quality Assurance tests early in the product development life-cycle to bring down the cost of issue resolution and to ensure that the product is released on schedule.

Product Highlights
AcquireVision is a multi-touch frequently-based program that gives customers the ability to select their prospects with pinpoint accuracy and then reach them several times with different creatives, while effectively merging online marketing with in-house mail delivery. The product

  • Enables customers to identify the best prospects or subgroups of prospects via a detailed demographic, geographic, and behavioral profile defined by 100+ selects including income, age, gender, adults/children, home ownership, length of residence and other critical data.
  • Includes such latest industry tools as
    • Prism Behavioral Clustering
    • CPG/OTC selects
    • Credit bureau selects
    • Geographic selects at local, regional, and national level
  • Matches client-provided prospects' postal addresses with their email addresses from 30+ different public databases encompassing a total of 800mil+ permission-based e-mail records.
  • Generates CAN-SPAM-compliant double opt-in/opt-out permission letters on behalf of a client company.
  • Allows clients to integrate mail and email communications into one integrated marketing program.
  • Enables clients to track when the mail is delivered by the post office and then “trigger” an announcement email of “look - into your mailbox” type. Clients can send additional follow-on emails to extend the life of the mailpiece.
  • Creates a customized predictive model that allows customers to package the message differently to subsets of prospects or to further refine the target audience for subsequent mailings.
  • Creates online reports of e-mail open rate, click-through rate, and conversion rate after each launch.
  • Offers A/B split testing of different creatives used across multi-channel messages.
  • Incorporates detailed tracking mechanisms for post-campaign buyer behavior analysis, matching back online and offline customers to households emailed in order to accurately measure program's incremental impact against a control group.
Technologies and Tools Used
- Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0, C#, ASP.NET 2.0, Javascript
- Microsoft SQL Server 2005
- Internet Information Server (IIS) 6.0; SOAP Web Services; Microsoft Windows Services
- Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
- Borland StarTeam 2005; Microsoft Project 200
"We’ve been working with SSD’s MS platform team for over four years now. During this tenure, we have been consistently pleased with their expertise and professionalism. They have quickly adopted our guidelines and development standards, and have exhibited the highest level of commitment to our needs.  The vast majority of the projects to date have been delivered on time and on budget."
Albert Gadbut
Acquireweb, Inc., President  & CEO