Meet our Management Team

Mikhail Yushkevich Senior Principal Consultant
An industry veteran with about two decades of IT industry experience and research, Mikhail has been bridging business with technology since the infancy of IT outsourcing in Belarus. Prior to SSD, Mikhail worked in several IT outsourcing powerhouses in Belarus and Czech Republic on some of the world's most complex enterprise projects. Mikhail possesses the broadest and the most up-to-date knowledge of modern software development tools, platforms, and industry trends. He stands behind SSD key market strengths in Business Intelligence, Marketing Analytics, Behavioral Targeting, and Business Process Modeling. Mikhail holds a BS degree in Physics Engineering and a Master's degree in Informational Technology "summa cum laude" from Pedagogiski State University.

Kirill Kovganov Chief Operating Officer
Kirill brings 14 years of experience in business operations and entrepreneurship. In his role of Chief Operating Officer of SSD, Kirill puts his unparalleled skills in management, business operations and execution to ensure SSD meets its clients most challenging requirements by delivering high-quality products on time and within the agreed-upon budget. Kirill is a proud founder of several start-ups that he brought to success before he joined SSD. Prior to that, he worked as lead engineer in a large National Defense company. Kirill holds a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from Polytechnik State Academy, and an MBA degree from the LINK International Institute of Management in Moscow - an affiliate of the UK Open University Business School. When he is not working on the contingency analysis of SSD project schedules and status reports, Kirill prefers spending time with his family, travelling, and fishing.