A part of the former USSR, Belarus has had the highest ratio of scientific institutes and research labs to its population a reason why it was rightfully named "Silicon Valley" of Eastern Europe. Diligence, perseverance, and ability to work hard ingrained into the Belarusian national character created excellent opportunities here for outsourcing. We can help you do it.

Offshore Dedicated Team
We can easily provide you with the required number of IT professionals with the desired skill set who could work exclusively on your project (whether permanently or on a short-term basis), and under the direct supervision of your project managers. In fact, many our clients have chosen this form of collaboration, which is becoming increasingly popular in the IT world. After all, you don't need to worry about insurance, benefits, taxes, terminations, and litigation; you can interview our candidates over the phone in the same way as you would interview domestic ones; and you are flexible to contract virtually any number of people for however short or long period of time.

All our developers speak English fluently, and some of them also speak German. We established excellent communication processes with our North America and EU clients that include daily Skype meetings, desktop sharing software, video conferences, source control software, project management software, and other distance collaboration tools. Finally, many our US clients found the way to double the speed of their software development lifecycle due to the difference in time zone, i.e., our developers upload their work at the end of their day, which coincides with the beginning of the day when our clients' domestic teams start working. That effectively enables close to 24h-around-the-clock development, substantially speeding product's time-to-market. At the same time, there is still enough overlap to schedule all-hands cross-functional meetings via Skype or videoconferencing tools

Reselling under your Brand
If your company also provides outsourcing services to other companies, you can have our professionals work transparently under your brand. Reasons why you may want this include:

  • You have an immediate need in services of the engineers with a specific skills set for a limited period of time. For example, your client may request high-performance database optimization, which might not be your strength at the moment.
  • You lack adequately-skilled professionals on your local labor market, yet you need to hire quickly.
  • You just want to cut costs.

Our most successful example of such partnership is the on-going collaboration with Teradata company. Through hiring SSD professionals, Teradata succeeded to fulfill its contractual obligations towards its major EU client DHL Express by delivering a series of sophisticated Business Intelligence projects running on 10TB-large data warehouses (see our Featured Case Studies)

Because our other similar clients chose not to disclose to their customers that they used third-party services, we cannot mention the full list here due to the NDA restrictions.