Why Us?

We did it before
Since our inception we have delivered over 150 successful projects to more than 80 clients ranging from Silicon Valley start-ups to large global enterprises such as Teradata or AcquireWeb. We have excellent references from our most successful clients, which we would be happy to send upon request. The rare breadth of our experience with both large companies and small start-ups means that we can offer you the best practices from the both worlds. If you are a small company willing to grow fast, we can offer you professionals with experience of implementing high-performance scalable enterprise solutions. If you are an enterprise pressed to lower costs, we can help you do it without compromising the efficiency of the development while increasing the quality of your product.

We develop high-quality software at a very low cost
This is because we have access to low-cost, highly-qualified, and easily-trainable local workforce. Our engineering facilities are located in the country of Belarus, which has historically been the most technologically advanced part of the former Soviet Union. More than 40 years of government-sponsored high-tech military research created the culture of intellectual excellence fueled by the world-leading system of technical education and training. SSD, more than any company, benefits from this system by attracting only top 10% of specialists. While we consistently pay above-average salaries to attract and retain the nation's best talent, we offer our clients the rates that are up to 5 times lower than domestic ones for solutions of a comparable level of sophistication and quality.

We have an extremely skilled team
We hire only the best. All our engineers have 5 to 25 years of experience with successful commercial projects. 56% of our software developers have Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, 36% of them have Master's degree in Computer Science, and 8% are PhDs. Our developers are certified by industry leaders such as Microsoft, Teradata, Oracle, BrainBench and others. All our employees speak English fluently, and some of them also speak German. Many of them studied or lived in the United States or Western Europe and can easily travel on site. Additionally, we conduct regular mandatory trainings and seminars where developers share best coding practices to make sure our solutions confirm to the latest industry standards and recommendations of industry leaders such as Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Sun, Oracle, and others. The competitive pay, comprehensive benefits package, and the team-oriented culture of personal growth and professional excellence are the reasons why we have one of the lowest turn-over rates in the country.

We can fit seamlessly into your company's culture
Throughout the many years of providing successful services to US and EU customers, we learned a lot about what can go wrong and what is really important in outsourcing. We ensure that our engineers not only know just how to code and implement, but are also fully aware and understand our clients' business objectives. We appreciate our clients' time. We keep them constantly informed about the status of the project. We require all our developers and managers to ask timely questions in case project's requirements are unclear. We proactively inform our clients of any potential risks and obstacles to the on-schedule delivery. Finally, we maintain excellent communication that enables our management and developers to fit into your organization just as any domestic employee would.

We absorb the risks
We can sign an NDA before you send to us any confidential information or third-party Intellectual Property. For new clients, we can make a demo prototype for free. After we start working, you pay the portion of the total cost only after the corresponding part of the project is delivered. There are numerous checkpoints along the way. Alternatively, we can bind the agreement to a fixed hourly rate. Our clients who need to iterate their product quickly particularly like this form since it makes it possible to apply AGILE project management techniques. You don't need to spend on recruiting domestic hires, renting additional office space, buying new equipment, paying US-level salaries, social benefits and sick leaves, and then litigating over someone's termination. SSD maintains a pool of highly-skilled professionals, from where we can easily add engineers, project managers and testers to help you grow aggressively. You will usually have several candidates to choose from, and you can interview all of them over the phone before they start working on your project. You can sign additional NDA agreements with each of the assigned professionals personally. Finally, because we have a very low turn-over rate you can expect to work with the same people during a long time or on several different projects.

We maintain excellent communication
We pride ourselves with references from clients who explicitly wrote that they found communicating with us easier than with the domestic teams they had worked with. Seamless communication is one of the most important factors in the success of an outsourced project, and we implement it brilliantly. While working with our clients we maintain regular daily Skype sessions. We schedule team conference calls and video conferences when needed. We use a variety of desktop sharing software, centralized source control and bug tracking software, project management software, and many other distance collaboration tools. While working with us, you can be assured in our constant availability and fast responses to your inquiries.

All our clients are unique, and it is possible that we didn't mention some aspect of our services that is important to you. If so, please contact us. Our managers will return you e-mail or phone call within less than 24 hours. We would be pleased to talk to you about how we can help.